Our photo luminescent stickers are certified to be non-harmful, non-radiation and non-toxic. We have been granted domestic patents as well as more than 30 abroad patents for several series of luminescent products. They include luminescent films and boards, luminescent printing ink, luminescent ceramic and a host of other products that has sprung out of the industry for new luminescent products. This clearly marks our leadership in this area of business in the industry. Upon exposure to 10 minutes of light, our photo-luminescent stickers have a brightness of at least 90 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes and at least 9 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes. IMO requires a minimum of 15 mcd/m2 after 10 minutes and 2 mcd/m2 after 60 minutes. Our stickers have been tested to be able to glow for more than 1000minutes! All IMO symbols are in accordance to resolution IMO A645 (16) which have been adopted by the IMO assembly since 19 October 1989. Safety signs are available in any language, which comes in a large range of models and sizes to meet Safety Regulations in each country. All signs made using self-adhesive vinyl are designed for indoor usage; however, rigid plastic models could be used outdoors subject to atmospheric condition limitations. All signs are made using non-radioactive and non-toxic materials and contain no phosphorus or lead.


All our reflective products are 3M mainly for outdoor usage. Easier to spot with lights at night where the environment is dark. Mainly used for Warning or Giving Instructions.



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